Vendor Spotlight: The Flower Studio

Every little detail of an event is important, and it’s the vendors who make sure everything is just right. We love chatting and getting to know the wonderful vendors who help us make each event a success, and this time, we got to sit down with Andie Muller, owner of The Flower Studio, and talk about how she got started in this industry. We know you’ll enjoy getting to know her as much as we did!


Andie, how did you get your start in the event business?

I am originally from Brazil, and my family had a florist. We had a full retail shop, plus we were doing weddings and events. The market in Brazil is not like here, we are more European style, where people come to your shop and buy flowers for their home. It is a process, going from retail to events.

What do you love most about being in the event/wedding business?

The friendors – that become family. There are so many people I have met during the years that I have had my business, to the point that business is not important any longer. The relationship that we create is priceless. Weddings, events, parties – they come and go. And we, the people, stay forever.

We agree! So, if a bride is considering a theme to their wedding, what is your best recommendation for incorporating a theme?

Colors and accessories. Texture too. We can create a beautiful scape with the combination of these three things.

What approach do you advise in order to yield a tasteful and amazing-­looking event?

I am very flexible – if the couple/coordinator ask me for advice, I will give it. If not, I won’t. We provide a service and we need to be available to create whatever they need us to create. What is tasteful and amazing in my eyes may not always be the same for others.

When people inquire about your services, what can they expect?

They can expect great customer service, no hidden fees, professionalism and great premium products. We are very proud of our work, and we will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

What is your best advice to avoid planning stress for any special event?

Plan. Plan ahead. The sooner the better. We have weddings booked for 2018 already. The sooner you find the vendor you want, book. Don’t wait.
That’s wonderful advice, Andie! Thank you so much for talking with us, we had an amazing time getting to know more about you and The Flower Studio!

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  1. Awwwwww, what a surprise to see this!
    Thank you so much for everything – you all are great!
    I am so glad we are able to connect and to help each other.

    1. Thanks so much again, Andie!

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