Ashton Events; A Chair Affair, Vendor Spotlight

Ashton Events Planning & Design – Vendor Spotlight

Meet one of Orlando’s Top Wedding and Event Planners!

It is always a delight when we get a chance to sit down and chat with some of our favorite wedding vendors. Laura Helm from Ashton Events recently took some time from her busy schedule to answer some questions about her start in the wedding planning business, her advice on keep wedding planning stress-free and her thought on incorporating a theme in your wedding. So, grab a sweet tea, sit back and enjoy.

Ashton Events; A Chair Affair, Vendor Spotlight

How did you get your start in the event business?
I realized in college that I loved the pace and dynamic of the event industry. I love fast paced problem-solving and creating dynamic, memorable atmospheres. Ashton Events began out of a desire to tell the stories of my clients.

What do you love most about being in the event/wedding business?
I love being part of their celebration planning, and alleviating the stress of clients. I enjoy managing the nitty-gritty and handling often complicated situations. Tackling them for our clients is a joy when you have established such a strong foundation of trust.

Ashton Events; A Chair Affair, Vendor Spotlight

If a bride is considering a theme to their wedding, what is your best recommendation for incorporating a theme?
Avoid a theme! We approach weddings wanting to tell their unique story. Instead of looking to trends or to obvious themes, we want to subtly (and memorably) hint at their story throughout the design and execution of their day.

What approach do you advise in order for it to be tasteful and yield an amazing ­looking event?
Before you book any vendors, start with your priorities. Work through your biggest hopes and dreams, and give yourself room to spend in those areas. If you have sure footing for what you absolutely need to make the rest of the day work, you’ll avoid throwing in unnecessary or over-done elements.

Ashton Events; A Chair Affair, Vendor Spotlight

When people inquire about your services, what can they expect?
We work with ten clients per year, in hopes of providing the most comprehensive and intentional experience possible. We get to know our clients so that we can confidently navigate them through all of the twists and turns of the planning process.

What is your best advice to avoid planning stress for any special event?
Give yourself time to enjoy your engagement. There are going to be hard(er) days, its a guarantee. It’s a unique celebration with all of your absolute favorite people in the world- and you will feel the weight of that at some point. So give yourself time- whether it’s by waiting to plan anything for a month or scheduling date nights that are “no wedding conversation nights.” By giving yourself time to concentrate on why you are celebrating, you’ll be more assured to keep moving forward!

Ashton Events; A Chair Affair, Vendor Spotlight

Great advice Laura!! We love the idea of planning “non wedding conversation” nights to help keep the bride and groom stress-free! Visit Ashton Events to see more on their event planning services and to check out some of their past events! Email Laura at to find out how they can help make your wedding fabulous!!


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