How to Host an Elegant Farmhouse Wedding

Elegant Farmhouse Weddings A farmhouse wedding doesn’t have to just be rustic and vintage. Add some elegance to your farmhouse wedding to take it to the next level but implementing some of these ideas down below. You can have the best of both worlds. An elegant farmhouse wedding is just a few details away! Focus

JW Marriott: Khuu and Chau

Back in October, we had the pleasure of being involved with the wedding of Khuu and Chau. After their wonderful ceremony at the Holy Trinity church in Maitland, the event moved to the JW Marriott in Orlando, where a fun and elegant reception was held. The day was a perfect blend of traditional wedding style meshed

Music Box Invites

Check out this cool new wedding product available to you now! Musical invitations! The idea began when co-founder, Joann Marks, was looking for musical invitations but couldn’t find any. She decided to make her own! She chose Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon” to play any time a guest opened it. The cards were

New Product: Crystal Candelabras

It’s every girl’s dream to experience their wedding as a princess, accompanied by decor in all its grand beauty. Have you painted a picture in your mind as to how perfect your wedding is to look, but just can’t find that one item to complete the portrait? Transform your special day into a vision of