StiloGuard: A Girl’s New Best Friend

It’s that time of the year again! The sundresses are coming on, the weather is absolute bliss, and everyone you know is having an outdoor soirée. The weddings, the garden parties, the summer themed barbeques – you name it, it’s happening! Any guy could easily enjoy the laid back gathering in the sun, but all of us high heel-loving girls know exactly where this perfectly painted picture goes wrong.

Quite simply put, the grass is our enemy! There’s nothing more uncomfortable than trying to maintain composure while haphazardly teetering in your stilettos. We know the feeble attempt at not letting your heels sink into the grass, dirt, gravel, or any other nature made stiletto hazard all too well. Luckily, StiloGuard has the answer to all of our problems.

StiloGuard_ACA_Stiletto Protector on red pump Photograph courtesy of: StiloGuard

It’s the little things that count, and the makers of StiloGuard knew just that. These little shoe treasures are just what you need to get through the spring and summer. We love how easy and convenient StiloGuard alters your heels to make them perfect for your next outdoor event.The discrete design of these shoe protectors allows them to blend in seamlessly amongst all of your beautiful décor. They’ll be especially perfect for pictures on your big day. We can’t wait to see more of our brides strut out for that iconic lawn shot without the bent-knee shuffle.

 Victoria Angela Photography_ACA_outdoor wedding Photograph courtesy of: Victoria Angela Photography

You can even spread the love throughout the event and provide heel protectors to your female guests along with their wedding favor. They will love you and your event forever. Now you can enjoy your next outdoor event as much as the men and look twice as good doing it!

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