How Many Guests Can This Table Seat?

Every aspect of event planning is important. And when you’re choosing the tables for your event, you need to know exactly how many tables you’ll need, and how many guests will comfortably sit at each table. Fortunately, we’ve put together an easy little guide for you, broken down by table type: Table Size Number of

A Chair Affair’s Hottest Chargers

Setting a table is an art in its own right, and the most important part of any table setting is the charger. The charger is the focal part of each place setting, so you definitely want to choose one that is gorgeous, eye-catching, and the perfect fit for your personality. Fortunately, we have plenty of

StiloGuard: A Girl’s New Best Friend

It’s that time of the year again! The sundresses are coming on, the weather is absolute bliss, and everyone you know is having an outdoor soirée. The weddings, the garden parties, the summer themed barbeques – you name it, it’s happening! Any guy could easily enjoy the laid back gathering in the sun, but all