Why You Need a Day-Of Wedding Planner

So much time and energy goes into planning your wedding, but while you’re thinking about cakes and chairs and chargers, don’t forget to book a wedding planner, too! Trust us: even if you have to make a little room in your budget, do it, because you can’t afford not to hire a wedding planner!

Here’s why:

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Hiring a wedding planner means less stress for YOU!

Getting married should be fun, not stressful. Still, it’s hard not to get stressed in the days leading up to the wedding, especially if you’re planning everything yourself! There are so many little details to think about – from managing and collecting gifts to making sure that the florist knows to use the venue’s back entrance – and it can be overwhelming. The last thing you want on your wedding is to worry about so many moving pieces, when you should be focused on enjoying yourself and your time with loved ones, and making memories.

So, find a wedding planner you can trust and let them take over! They’ll make sure things run smoothly with your vendors, and they will expertly handle any hiccups along the way.

Not convinced? Unfortunately, you can have the most detailed plans in place, and still have something turn out not according to plan. A vendor could be stuck behind an accident en route, a photographer might need to call you to confirm a final detail, or a sudden thunderstorm might force your outdoor reception to a Plan B…and you definitely don’t want to worry about all that on your wedding day!

Can you imagine how tough it’d be to get ready while trying to manage all that? It’s not fun, and that’s not a memory you’ll want when you look back on your special day.

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Your family and friends need to have fun, too!

Of course, you can trust your mother or a close friend with some of the details, and put them in charge of handling the gifts or a similar task.

But, keep in mind that your family and friends should have the chance to enjoy your wedding too! Don’t take that away from them by giving them something to worry about when they should be focused on spending time with you and on enjoying themselves!

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You’ll need to be quick on your feet to handle last-minute changes!

Yes, last-minute changes and mishaps are never fun, but they’re almost guaranteed. You know what they say: whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. Of course, it’s almost never quite that bad, but you definitely don’t want to be directing your caterer to your venue over the phone, or searching for your mom and dad when it’s time for photos.

Fortunately, wedding planners are quick on their feet and always have a backup plan ready just in case, so you can sit back and get pampered while letting them handle the nitty-gritty details. Many day-of planners have handled everything from last-minute wardrobe changes to directing traffic. At the end of the day, it’s their job to have a handle on everything, and they know just what to do.

So, we hope you find a wedding planner you can trust! For any recommendations or additional insights, just reach out to our team, we’re always happy to help future brides!

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