How to Give Clients Their Best Wedding

While A Chair Affair has pretty much seen and done it all when it comes to weddings, we’re still always looking for new ways to give our clients their best wedding. And after attending the Wedding MBA’s Pro Convention, we’re thrilled to share with you some tips and tricks that our team loved!

Here are the top takeaways that our team of seasoned veterans learned at the event. Read on, and maybe you’ll learn something new, too!

Clients Wedding MBA Table


.1. FAB – Features, Advantages, and Benefits

It’s a pretty easy acronym to remember, and the important thing is to remember to show the Features, Advantages, and Benefits to your clients. The clients are trusting you, so they need to know that you really are doing all you can to make their event spectacular.

2. Ask Questions at the End of Emails!

This engages clients and gets them to respond back, so you’re not stuck waiting for your clients’ opinion on specific details or changes.

3. Showcase the Best You

You represent your business. So, if you really want clients to trust you – and you do need them to trust you with their vision – you need to put your best foot forward. Always be kind, friendly, professional, and prepared. Let your skills shine!

4. Embrace Pinterest – Let it Work for You

Pinterest is wonderful because it makes creating your vision easy. Décor ideas, gorgeous table-settings, and ballrooms are all within reach of your clients’ fingertips – yet Pinterest, when used correctly, is a powerful tool that can help you grow your business. Update your public Pinterest boards regularly to show off your latest and best creations.
5. Focus on Your Worth

When it comes to price, take the educational approach. Show your clients why your prices are worth it, and the value that they will be getting.

6. Trends and Swings

Stay on top of trends! For example: this fall, patterns and florals are all the rage in wedding gowns and bridesmaids’ attire.

Clients Wedding MBA Instagram


1. Social Media for Wedding Pros

Viewers don’t just simply scroll. On Instagram, you have nine images to capture their attention, which means nine opportunities to sell yourself.

2. Half Baked

When communicating with a client, communicate using questions whenever possible. It is human nature to respond to questions, so your client will remain engaged.

3. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Customer service is all about emotion. Understand that your clients’ emotions are especially important, and do all you can to make them feel good and satisfied, even when there’s a bump or two along the way.

She’s Just Not That Into You

Following up with a potential client once is routine, but multiple follow-ups inadvertently imply that the couple is not capable of making their own decisions, and that you are desperate!

An Affair to Remember

If you charge more, make sure that you give more.

Clients Wedding MBA Couches


1. Sell, Sell, Sell the Visit to the Showroom

Once a potential client visits the showroom, she will get a better idea of our products and how they fit into her vision. She may even find a piece that she really loves and wasn’t expecting to discover!

2. Be Media Friendly

Don’t be afraid to engage with your clients in creative ways, using storytelling or an online newsroom. Don’t forget to listen, share testimonials when relevant, and be open about what is going on behind the scenes. Also, make sure that you stay in touch! Texting is the #1 way to communicate with brides!

3. Live Video is a Must!

This speaks to the authenticity of yourself and your product.

4. What is Your Signature Statement in an Event?

Really customize the wedding to the bride and groom’s personalities and preferences for unique touches that will truly make it memorable!

5. Value = Quality + Service divided by Cost

Always remember that you need the entire formula in order to truly deliver value – you can’t have just one of the qualities.

6. Bridal Shows Are Not Always Effective

Know your audience! They are there for information, freebies, discounts, and to compare pricing! It’s supposed to be a fun day for them, so give them a reason to call you!

7. Think Big!

No dream is too big! If your bride has a specific vision, make sure to follow that dream and create it within the budget!

Clients Wedding MBA Chiavari


1. Build the Personal Experience from the Very Beginning

From the very first communication, we need to make sure that we are asking the right questions. At the same time, we need to allow the client to do the majority of the talking as we listen. We must really listen not only in face-to-face meetings, but throughout all communication, including email, phone, and text.

2. By the Time a Client Reaches Out, They Have Already:

  • Searched our services online – so we need to make sure we know our product inside and out
  • Researched us and our competitors – we need to know what our competitors are doing
  • Liked what they’ve seen! Otherwise, they wouldn’t have reached out, so it’s now our turn to build upon that initial excitement

All of this gives us a chance to build trust in us and our services. People do business with those they know, like and trust.

3. Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude

We are here to help and serve our clients.

4. Video is Compelling!

Keep it simple and ditch the verbal audio. Photos, music and words on a screen can do more than a talking head. The “play” button is a powerful tool.

5. What Really Makes a Sale

Making sales is all about the words we use, along with a healthy dose of self-confidence and the product we are selling.

Clients Wedding MBA Chairs


1. Under Promise and Over Deliver

Don’t make a promise that you know you can’t keep. You don’t want to disappoint the client! So, under promise, but go above and beyond in your efforts to over deliver.

2. Voice Conversations are Best

Verbal conversations are more personal compared to emails and texts – plus, you can clearly hear each other’s tones without having to guess.

3. Make ‘Visits,’ Not ‘Appointments!’

Appointments are for the doctor and the dentist. You don’t want your client to be daunted at the prospect of meeting you and looking for wedding rentals. Call it a ‘visit.’

4. Better is not Better…Different is Better.

What makes you stand out? Always offer your clients something that they can’t find anywhere else.

5. Promote Your Clients and Power Partners!

Not only will this help you grow your business and network, but it’ll show your clients and partners how important each event is to you.

As one of the owners of A Chair Affair and the Director of Sales, I’m a firm believer in creating a well-trained, cohesive team.  With Wedding MBA’s diversity of classes on topics unique to our industry, my goal of education was easily accomplished. The sponsored parties gave the A Chair Affair sales team the opportunity to have fun while enhancing our team bonding.  Wedding MBA proved once again to be an excellent experience!