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How To Create A Timeless Black & White Wedding

In planning your timeless black and white wedding, it’s essential to consider all the intricate details, from the ceremony to the reception decor. Here are some valuable tips on how to incorporate chairs, chargers, flatware, stemware, linens, and tables (all available to rent from A Chair Affair!)  to effortlessly create a classic and elegant black and white wedding:


When it comes to seating options, you have several excellent choices. Black Chiavari Chairs and Black Resin Folding Chairs each offer a unique aesthetic, lending character to your celebration. For a touch of extraordinary, Ghost Chairs present intriguing possibilities. You can opt for Black Ghost Chairs to create a moody vibe or Clear Ghost Chairs to evoke a floating effect, infusing your wedding with a touch of glamour.

Black Resin Folding Chair

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Black Chiavari Chair

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Black Chiavari Chair

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Let’s explore charger plates as an elegant addition to your table settings. Our Black Sea Sponge Glass Chargers introduce a moody and glamorous element to your tables. On the other hand, our Gold Rim Glass Chargers provide a pop of opulent gold. Alternatively, consider the luxurious Jeweled Mirror Chargers for a stunning silver accent. As you can see, silver and gold charger options will harmonize seamlessly with your black and white decor.

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The choice of flatware can greatly influence your tablescape. You can’t go wrong with classics like Baroque Gold Flatware or Gatsby Stainless Steel Flatware for a timeless and elegant option. However, if you’re looking to make a bold and contemporary statement, consider Matte Black Flatware or Rose Gold Flatware. Black, in particular, adds a touch of modern minimalism, creating a sharp and memorable contrast against the pristine white table settings. Rose gold, on the other hand, can introduce a sense of delicate luxury into the atmosphere.

Matte Black FlatwareBaroque Gold Flatware

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Next, the stemware selection is paramount for your reception. Whether you’re serving wine, champagne, water, beer, or cocktails, it’s essential to curate a cohesive look. Clear stemware exudes a timeless charm, but if you’re seeking uniqueness, our Black Goblet Stemware can infuse your setting with that coveted moody vibe.

black goblet stemware

Rental tables

Now, you have several table options for a black and white wedding. You can choose our elegant Geo Glass Top Tables for a pristine and sophisticated look. Alternatively, our Chameleon Table brings a rustic touch to the classic black and white theme. Folding Tables, when adorned with black and white accents, can also fit seamlessly into the overall aesthetic, offering practicality while maintaining the wedding’s timeless elegance.

white geo glass top table

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white chamelon table

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folding tables

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When it comes to choosing linens for your wedding, White Polyester Linen offers a classic, timeless elegance. On the other hand, Black Polyester Linen introduces a bold and striking contrast. For an added touch of sophistication and tactile allure, consider using Ultra Black or Ultra White Lamour Linens. This provides a silky texture that captivates both the eye and the touch. Furthermore, these contrasting black and white linens can create a visually captivating and memorable atmosphere for your special day.

Black and White Polyester Linen

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Black Polyester Linen

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Why Black and White Weddings Are Timeless

In summary, black and white weddings maintain their enduring charm thanks to their inherent elegance, sophistication, and remarkable adaptability. Furthermore, the timeless synergy between black and white provides ample creative opportunities, allowing for a wide range of styles. Whether you prefer an elegant, modern, or rustic approach, this enduring appeal goes beyond fleeting trends. As a result, it becomes a timeless and sophisticated choice for couples seeking a wedding aesthetic that radiates grace and refinement.

More Tips for Planning a Black and White Wedding

  • Pick a venue that will complement your black and white décor. A ballroom or art gallery is a great option for a classic and elegant look. A barn or rustic farmhouse is a great option for a more rustic look.
  • Incorporate black and white into all of the details of your wedding, from the invitations to the ceremony and reception décor.
  • Don’t be afraid to add pops of color with your flowers, centerpieces, and other details.
  • Choose rental chairs, chargers, flatware, stemware, linens, and furniture that will complement your black and white décor.
  • Consider using black and white lighting to create a dramatic and romantic ambiance.
  • Choose black dresses and suits for your wedding party.
  • Use black and white flowers and centerpieces to decorate your ceremony and reception spaces.