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Lamour Linen All Colors

Available sizes for Lamour Linens:

* 90″ round (fits 30″ or 36″ low cocktail table)

* 108″ round (fits 48″ table or 30″ high cocktail table)

* 120″ round (fits 60″ table or 36″ high cocktail table)

* 132″ round (fits 72″ table)

* 90″ square (fits 60″ round or square table as a topper)

* 90″x132″ (fits 30″x6' banquet table)

* 90″x156″ (fits 30″x8' banquet table)

* 108″x156″ (fits 4'x8' super king table)

* 12″x120″ table runner (fits 60″ table)

* 8″x90″ Chair sashes

* Napkins (20″x20″ square)


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Lamour Linens and napkins are now available in a variety of colors and sizes available for weddings, to intimate family gatherings to large scale productions.

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