February Monthly Wedding Rental Winners

February Monthly Wedding Rental Winners – Amanda + Tyler

Congratulations to Amanda and Tyler, our February Monthly Wedding Rental Winners.  This happy couple is having so much fun planning their big day and picking out all their rentals.  Read all about their beautiful love story and how they met. Then, learn how you can win $500 off of YOUR wedding rental!

Where did you meet?

We met on good ‘ole fashioned Bumble. Our first date was at Antonio’s in Maitland. We then went for a walk around Lake Lily, or rather, five laps. With each lap, we knew that this was something pretty special.

How did you know this was the one?

It truthfully was in many moments over and over again. It became pretty clear early on how much we just “got” each other. What really convinced us is how much we can make each other laugh.  We are truly best friends.

What are the things you have in common?

We are obsessed with baseball. Amanda is a Cardinals fan and Tyler is for the Yankees. We also love watching Jeopardy. We’ll record a bunch of episodes and watch three or four in a night.

How did Tyler propose?

Tyler bought Amanda the ring she described on their second date (emerald cut, white gold band. Tyler was sure to remember that!).

They were leaving for a trip with friends over Labor Day weekend, so they went to get dinner the night before just to have some “us time”. Little did Amanda know, Tyler had coordinated with their friends and family to all be there to surprise her!  Tyler chose Enzo’s on The Lake – an Italian restaurant right on Lake Lily. Seemed fitting as their first date (and several others since then) involved Italian dinners and lakes. When Amanda arrived, Tyler immediately led her out back to see the lake. By the time they got down there, Tyler couldn’t wait another moment longer. He got down on one knee, choked out what little words he could muster up, and she said yes! At this point, Amanda didn’t know about everyone being there. So they walked back up, went into the private dining room, and surprised Amanda with all of their friends and family ready to celebrate!

What part of the wedding day are you looking forward to most?

Beyond marrying my best friend, we are excited to have our favorite friends in one place for a whole weekend! It’ll also be so amazing to see our vision for the day come alive. We’ve both been dreaming about this day for so, so long.

What inspired your wedding colors?

One of Amanda’s favorite flowers is a panda anemone, so we knew we wanted black and white as our main color scheme. We are envisioning a renaissance Italy feel.  The plan is to bring in a lot of gold accents and we can’t wait for those Napoleon chairs we picked out.  We will also have little pops of light pink too.

Congratulations Amanda and Tyler

A Chair Affair can’t wait to provide the rentals for your upcoming wedding. Happy planning and cheers to the wedding day of your dreams!  We know it’s going to be fantastic!  Congratulations on being our February Monthly Wedding Rental Winners.

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