September Winners: Colleen and Josh

Say hello to our September winners, Colleen and Josh! This sweet couple is the winner of $500 off of their A Chair Affair wedding rentals. Read their story below and find out how you too, can enter to win!


Where did you meet your fiancée? Josh and I had been across the hall neighbors for an entire year in college, but did not meet until the very end of the year when our mutual friend happened to be outside talking to him. Later, we both asked our friend “Who was that person!?”. Within two weeks, we were inseparable.

How did you know he was the one for you? Josh made me laugh from day one and always makes me smile, even when I’m irritated with him! And after seven years, we still always have a blast together even if it’s just sitting at home on the couch. I’ve always known that I had to marry someone that made me laugh, and he’s kept me laughing every day.

What are the things you have in common? Josh and I have a ton in common! Some random things – we have the same sense of humor, we both love documentaries of any kind, we both love to do anything outside (especially the dog park/hiking with our pup), and neither of us could live without chocolate in our daily lives!

How did he propose? Josh proposed on a hike with our friends and our dog (of course). He was very sneaky about the whole thing, and I had absolutely no idea it was happening. My first words when he got down on one knee were “are you kidding?”. After dating for so long, I was very surprised that he managed to keep it a secret so well!

What part of the wedding day are you looking forward to most? After much consideration, Josh and I decided to do a first look before the ceremony so we could have enough time for pictures without being rushed and to (hopefully) be able to get some sunset pictures. Even though I was hesitant about the idea, I am now really looking forward to getting that private moment with him before the whirlwind of festivities begin.

What inspired your wedding colors? Our invitations! I literally chose about 20 colors before I settled on the final palette. I had most of the wedding planned before that happened, and every time a vendor asked me what our colors were I had to sheepishly say “I have no idea”. Then I found our invitations and everything finally clicked in to place. Our colors are sage, navy, ivory, and some yellow and darker greens thrown in.

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