September Monthly Wedding Rental Winners

September 2021 Wedding Rental Winners- Lexie & Daniel

Each month, one of our lucky couples wins $500 off their wedding rentals. We cannot wait for you to meet our September winners; Lexie and Daniel. Read on to hear about their chance encounters (yes, we said encounters – plural) and how YOU can be our next month’s winner!

Where did you meet your fiancée?

My fiancé and I met at an ugly “Christmas Karaoke” sweater party.  It was a small party with close friends. I was there with one of my friends and her husband (I thought I would be a third wheel for life)!!  While there, a pretty good-looking guy came strolling in and my best friend hugged him as she knew him her whole life. It caught me off guard because I had no clue who he was and that’s pretty uncommon coming from a small town. Everybody knows everybody, even if you’ve never met in person! She proceeded to tell me it was her husband’s childhood best friend, which I did not believe, hello… I had never seen this guy, much less heard of him, they can’t be that close?! It turns out, my now fiancé is in the military and was just coming back from a deployment, therefore… they were indeed childhood best friends and I just hadn’t met him yet.

How did you know he was the one for you?

I knew he was the one when he offered to get me a drink and opened it with his “Rudolph antlers” aka a bottle opener attached to his ugly sweater.  He also didn’t hide from my terrible dance moves, while in my best gaudy Christmas attire. We continued on our “merry” way after the party but then life did its magical thing… We happened to run into each other unexpectedly the next month at a wedding and then another the following month. After encounter number three, I figured I had nothing to lose and asked my friend what I should do… she said the old cliché line, “Snapchat is a good start”. Little did she know I was thinking, “Ok girl, I haven’t used that in like two years but here we go”. Anyways, I got back on “Snapchat track” and it took him 3 whole days to open my message… which is probably when I knew he really was the one because I am notorious for being “the world’s worst at responding”.

What are the things you have in common?

As time passed we bonded over our crazy rescue dogs, love for the ocean, sports, good music and just going with the flow of life.  Although the previous basic interests kicked it off, it all comes down to our upbringing.  We owe it all to our parents and families! We are both blessed with an amazing support group that has instilled the value of love in us, at the end of the day our families are our number one and it was evident in our conversations that the importance of family was reciprocal.

How did he propose?

Propose?  We went on our first trip together to Helen, Georgia.  We visited beautiful waterfalls, trails, mill bridges, and everything else you can think of when it comes to the mountains. After a tiresome day, we went back to our cabin and decided to bring out our inner “kid” and had an air hockey battle… we both are slightly competitive, he was losing and needed another drink, so he went upstairs. I heard him call for me, “hey babe”, it was different than usual, so I went pretty quick. I saw him bent over under the kitchen sink (plumbers crack and all), so I immediately said, “What are you doing?!” (me, thinking there was a leak). He responds, “LOOKING!”. In my most concerned voice, I say, “FOR WHAT?!”.  He ever so gracefully spins on one knee, saying, “Will you marry me?”, while pulling the ring out from under the kitchen sink.  “Umm, are you serious?!”, are the only words I had.  His smile was ear to ear and all I could do was hug him, laugh, and then say “YES!… Now we have to FaceTime my Mom and Dad you know?! You did ask my Dad right?”.  Of course, a special trip was made to see my Dad and Mom, but due to the strategies, both of my parents were at work. During my Dad and now Fiancé’s time together, they called my mom relentlessly to get verbal approval.

What part of the wedding day are you looking forward to most?

We are most excited to have all the people we love and care about in one place at one time!

What inspired your wedding colors?

We are both pretty simple people and enjoy the outdoors.  Our wedding colors were inspired by greenery, wood, and neutrals.


What an amazing story!! We cannot wait to be part of Lexie and Daniel’s beautiful day!!  Are you getting married soon? Tell us your story for a chance to win $500 off your wedding rentals with us! Click here!