August Monthly Wedding Rental Winners

August 2021 Wedding Rental Winners – Naomi and Aric 

Each month, one of our couples wins $500 off their wedding rentals. This month we are excited to introduce you to  Naomi and Aric, our August rental winners. Read on to hear about their sweet engagement and how you can be our next month’s winner!

Where did you meet your fiancée?

My fiancé and I met at work. While he was my supervisor, I promise there was no funny business. In fact, as I crushed on him like a schoolgirl, he was none-the-wiser. We were both very respectful of one another and nothing happened between us when he worked there, but when I found out he was leaving for a new opportunity I thought “it’s now or never”. I was the one to ask him out on a date and boy am I glad I did.

How did you know he was the one for you?

I knew he was the one by our fourth date. There are guys who like to play it cool, and he was never that person. He communicated openly and honestly, and I never needed to wonder where I stood with him. By our fourth date, I was his girlfriend. When the words flew out of his mouth, I was shocked but excited. He didn’t make me wonder where we stood or worry. I knew that I had someone rare and while no one is perfect, he’s pretty darn close.

What are the things you have in common?

Opposites most certainly do attract so we don’t have an overwhelming number of things that we have in common. However, Aric and I love to binge-watch our favorite shows together. We’re both huge fans of Marvel movies as well. However, both he and I have a passion to travel so once things calm down, we plan to see the world together.

ACA Monthly Winners- August WinnersHow did he propose?

Aric proposed to me during quarantine, so it didn’t happen as most would think. But we had been talking about it for a while and I knew that it was going to happen soon. After two months of the world being closed, there was a feeling that the time would never be right. So, one night while we were in pajamas he knelt on the side of the bed with a ring and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Although, it wasn’t in front of Cinderella’s Castle, or on the beaches of Hawaii it was still the most special moment. And that scene will be forever burnt into my mind.

What part of the wedding day are you looking forward to most?

I’m most looking forward to Aric seeing me in my dress for the very first time.

What inspired your wedding colors?

My colors are blush, burgundy, with gold accents. These colors are just inspired by that romantic, royal, Fall feeling. I love how dark it is and how well blush translates against the burgundy. After looking at so many color schemes on Pinterest this was the color scheme I loved the absolute most.

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