Orlando wedding photographer Andy Martin Photography

Vendor Spotlight – Andy Martin Photography

Vendor Spotlight: Andy Martin photography

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The time has finally arrived! Yes, it’s time for another vendor spotlight! We at A Chair Affair had a lovely chat with an extremely talented Orlando wedding photographer, Andy of Andy Martin Photography! Read on to get to know all about Andy and his camera skills!

How did you get your start in the event business?

The theme in my life has always been reinvention. I started in commercial and fashion photography. I have an intense love for street photography. If you combine these ingredients, you would have the makings of a GREAT wedding photographer in Andy Martin.

Orlando wedding photographer Andy Martin PhotographyWhat do you love most about being in the event/wedding business?

My tagline is: “Your love. My passion.” The most important photos are the photos of your most meaningful relationships in a setting that is honest and sincere. You see it in dad’s eyes as he gives his daughter away. You see it in the giddy bridesmaids as they help the bride prepare for the day. You see it in the groomsmen as they lend support to a nervous groom. You see it in a bride’s smile as she walks down the aisle to meet her future spouse. You see it in the joyful faces of friends and family. This is what stirs my passion.

Orlando wedding photographer Andy Martin PhotographyIf a bride is considering a theme to their wedding, what is your best recommendation for incorporating a theme?

Think about who you are as a couple. Include elements of your day to day life. Keep it classy and timeless. Less is more.

What approach do you advise in order for it to be tasteful and yield an amazing ­looking event?

Pick 3 elements that represent a general theme of who you are as a couple. Again, less is more.

Orlando wedding photographer Andy Martin PhotographyWhen people inquire about your services, what can they expect?

Experience, creative, personable, honest, prompt and professional. Read my online reviews. I have over 120 rave reviews on WeddingWire alone.

What is your best advice to avoid planning stress for any special event?

Hire a planner who is creative and who listens. Also, your family and friends will want to help. Have an open and honest discussion with your family. Make sure everyone is on the same page and if needed, give them a simple task that they can take ownership of. By doing this, it will help promote the feeling that they have done something special for you.

Orlando wedding photographer Andy Martin PhotographyClear Cache Thanks for all the great advice, Andy; we’re sure our future brides and grooms appreciate it! Do you need an Orlando wedding photographer for your next event? Check out Andy Martin Photography and get in touch with by emailing him at andy@andymartinphoto.com or visiting https://www.andymartinphotography.com and be sure to check out his Instagram @andymartin.