May 2019 Wedding Rental Winners - Caitlin and Kyle

May 2019 Wedding Rental Winners

May 2019 – Caitlin and Kyle Wedding Rental Winners

Each month, one of our couples wins $500 off their wedding rentals. Say hello to our lucky May winners, Caitlin and Kyle! We can’t wait to share their love story with you! Read on for our chat with the bride and groom, Caitlin and Kyle:

Where did you meet your fiancé?

Kyle and I met on a kayaking trip. It makes us sound like we’re a really adventurous couple, but we’ve only gone kayaking one other time since then haha!

How did you know that she was the one for you?

I knew Caitlin was the one when she first met my family. Caitlin was running around and playing with my little sister and just fit right in.

What are the things you have in common?

Kyle and I have a lot in common including our love for sports, sarcasm, competitive spirit, and humor. I always claim that Kyle is my perfect match by the way he just completely “gets” me.

How did he propose?

I proposed to Caitlin during a Breakout game. We’ve played several of the rooms before, but this time I had it set up to where it would be just her and I trying to get out. We followed the clues until the last code that opened a treasure chest. Inside the box was the ring! Of course Caitlin was still in game mode so she didn’t even realize what was happening at first. I got down on one knee and proposed right then. We were lucky enough to have it all on video! (And we still broke out in time too)

What part of the wedding day are you looking forward to most?

On our wedding day I was most excited about seeing Caitlin walk down the aisle. I’ve eagerly and patiently waited for that moment before Caitlin and I even started dating. It was worth the wait!

What inspired your wedding colors?

The wedding colors depended first on Kyle’s preference of suit. He preferred to not wear black, so we decided on navy. From there, choosing my bridesmaid dresses was a bit tricky. I’ve never been overly girly so I knew pinks and purples would be out. I also didn’t want to have the same colors as any of my friends had had- that limited it even more. I ultimately found the dress I loved first, then chose the “dove” blue color when I searched the options. Everyone paired together beautifully if I do say so myself!

Thanks, Caitlin and Kyle! It was great to chat with you. 

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