Price and Lucas

June Monthly Wedding Rental Winners


We’re introducing you to the June 2023 winners of the wedding rental! Price and Lucas are the winners of $500 off their wedding rental. First, dive into their story of a pirate proposal and their upcoming wedding at the aquarium. And then, learn how YOU can be our winner next month!!

Where did you meet your fiancée?

We met in Champaign IL at an OK Go Concert. Price was in veterinary school, and Lucas had just changed jobs.

How did you know she/he was the one for you?

Lucas had taken Price out to a charity dinner when, near the end of the evening, she got a call from the wildlife clinic team she was managing. It was in the basement of the veterinary school, dressed in full evening attire, trying to find the heartbeat of an unconscious snapping turtle, that we realized that we were the right kind of crazy for each other.  Price knew when Lucas wasn’t frustrated but rather entertained by the whole situation. Lucas knew when Price was genuinely surprised that he enjoyed it.

What are the things you have in common?

Almost everything, we often order the same meal at restaurants our preferences align so closely. Our differences only serve to complement each other! We are both up for the other’s adventures.

Who proposed and how?

We dressed up as pirates on one of the boats at our first Gasparilla. Lucas proposed when the cannons from the Jose Gaspar were going off, with a ring made from a ruby dug up at an emerald mine near Asheville NC.

What part of the wedding day are you looking forward to most?

Price is looking forward to dressing extra fancy at one of our favorite date spots. Lucas is looking forward to how happy and genuinely excited Price will be on that night.

What inspired your wedding colors?

We are getting married on the 10 year anniversary of our first date, so silver for the time we have spent together. 10 years is considered the aluminum anniversary, but silver looks better! We are also getting married in the coral reef room at the aquarium, so blue for the endless ocean and time we get to spend together after.

Congratulations Price & Lucas

Congratulations Price and Lucas! Without a doubt, we couldn’t have picked a better couple to be our June 2023 wedding rental winners. If you’re soon to tie the knot yourself, share your story for a chance to win $500 off your wedding rentals. You might just be our next wedding rental winner. Learn more by clicking here!