June Wedding Rental Winners - James and Christi

June 2019 Wedding Rental Winners

June 2019 – James and Christi Wedding Rental Winners

Each month, one of our couples wins $500 off their wedding rentals. Say hello to our lucky June winners, James and Christi! We can’t wait to share their love story with you! Read on for our chat with the bride and groom, James and Christi:

How James and Christi meet?

It was a Sunday afternoon at Caddy’s on Sunset Beach and not a love at first sight moment. Both were invited by friends to enjoy October fest activities but neither were interested. As the evening began conversations were generated and the two shared info about their jobs, children and parents. The entire situation changed when James mentioned “the Holy Spirit”.

How did James propose?

While Christi was busy making tacos James rounded the corner of her kitchen and he got on one knee. Bringing true the saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”.

What are the things you have in common?

James and Christi love pool. Both have Italian heritage in their ancestry and so being in and around a pool hall comes naturally. Both have grandfathers who played extremely well. They each share an internal relationship with God and believe in strong family support. They share the landmark of the Skyway Bridge which has connected them to each other. Both James and Christi share a love of singing karaoke. They do an awesome rendition of Shallow (by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper) So if you are ever in Bradenton or the Seminole area you might run into them out and about on stage. Eating great food and dining out is a passtime.  Both James and Christi have adult children in college. Both have German mothers and Italian Fathers.

What part of the wedding day are you looking forward to most?

Seeing James face as Christi steps forward to walk the isle. The music chosen for the ceremony is mostly sentimental and a testimony to what God has done in their lives. The big day itself is a huge milestone! Both James and Christi had given up on dating and meeting someone. The timing and chance of their meeting was a miracle. In honor of the Lord they are keeping the wedding small and intimate.

What inspired your wedding colors?

They had planned on keeping a somewhat neutral color scheme due to the small venue; but Christi’s college age daughter Savannah wanted to be in the wedding. Then they decided to have a small wedding party and flowers. Christi chose shades of purple and pink since these go best with slate gray.

How did you know you were right for each other?

James is extremely compassionate, patient, intelligent and strong. Christi believes that men should be leaders in the relationship. As an alpha female that’s a difficult concept for Christi. She is a Business Development Executive for Stroemer and CO CPA and has to be highly independent and self-motivated. It’s their love, commitment and respect for each other that makes their relationship balanced.

Thanks, James and Christi! It was great to chat with you. 

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