January Winners: Keelan and Latisha

Keelan and Latisha are our January drawing winners! This lucky couple will receive $500 off of their wedding rentals with us. Read their story below!

We met between 9 and 5…
After completing her education at Howard University she began exploring future endeavors. She came into contact with a specialty lending firm that called her in for an interview. She then met with the hiring manager in which we later find out, she thought was “kinda cute”. Even more however, that interviewer thought she ascended right off the pages of the late novel “The Chronicles of Beauty”, written by the finger of God himself. After enough time had passed and the famous Hasbro game of “playing it cool” ended, they became friends. Dinner, a movie and a freshly baked apple pie (his favorite) later they fell in love.
In common, we are both “home bodies”, we love to help others, and both love God with all of our hearts.
On February 6th, 2015 (Latisha’s Birthday) we had an intimate dinner with a few family members and a couple of close friends. I gave Latisha the gift of a hand bag that she had her eyes on for months. However, inside the bag was another smaller bag and in that bag was a box and in that box was the ring of her dreams. At that moment of surprise, I committed to one knee and in the witness of her Mother and Father, asked for her hand in marriage. After buckets of tears from both of us and what seemed like a 20 minute hug, SHE SAID YES!!!
The part of the wedding day that we are looking forward to the most is, the point where we both say “I Do”, make our way to the bar and then straight to the dance floor to party. The day after, all the friends and family will be going to Disney.
Our wedding colors are encompassed in a rustic theme which symbolizes that the wealth and glamour that many seek in life today will never dictate and define the motivation behind the love we have for one another. In addition, our natural, authentic, rustic, earthly love is what will keep us rooted and grounded in each other.

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