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Fall Wedding Colors, Trends and Themes

Step into the enchanting world of fall weddings. In this blog, we’ll explore the captivating hues, popular trends, and timeless themes that have been gracing the wedding scene. Where couples infuse their celebrations with the rich and vibrant shades reminiscent of autumn leaves, the elegant neutrality of champagne, the moody beauty of black, burgundy, and purple, the timeless allure of black and white, and the opulent elegance of navy and gold. Join us on a journey through the mesmerizing realm of fall weddings.

Leaf-turning hues

Rich, warm colors like burgundy, orange, and yellow are always popular for fall weddings. They evoke the beauty of the changing leaves and create a cozy, inviting atmosphere. You can incorporate these colors into your decor in a variety of ways, such as chargers, linens, and furniture. Below you’ll find our Gold Rim Stemware, delicate Rose Gold Flatware, and the alluring glow of our Rose Gold Glass Charger harmonize seamlessly with the opulent Gold Fleur Porcelain Charger. These tabletop rentals blend effortlessly with a captivating display of orange and burgundy floral arrangements and yummy caramel apples. Thus, creating a striking visual feast that’s reminiscent of the autumn season.

Rose Gold ArtisanGold Fleur Porcelain Charger

Photographer: Tara Sproc Photography


Champagne is a versatile neutral that offers numerous possibilities for creating diverse looks. To achieve the desired aesthetic, consider combining this elegant neutral with complementary hues like brown, gold, or white. In the following photos, we’ve showcased how our rental items seamlessly fit into a stunning neutral wedding theme. The Champagne Glitter Chargers Gold-Rimmed Goblets, and Latte Lamour Linen , along with the Bright Champagne Lamour Linens, come together harmoniously, creating a perfect pairing. This look not only embodies simplicity but also delivers a striking WOW factor.

Latte Lamour Linen and Bright Champagne Lamour Linens

Champagne Glitter Glass Charger

Photographer: 28th North Photography

Black and purple

This moody black and purple color palette is perfect for a fall wedding. Also, it’s a great choice for an outdoor wedding, as the deep colors will look stunning against the natural backdrop. You can seamlessly infuse these autumnal hues into your decor through a range of options, including chargers, china, linens, and chairs. Below, we present a stunning wedding reception that flawlessly integrates our rental offerings. Black Matte China effortlessly stands out against the table linens and the vibrant purple/magenta floral centerpieces. Additionally, our Black Ghost Chairs elevate the overall ambiance with a touch of the enchanting fall mood.

Photographer: Jason Mize Photography

Timelessness of black and white

Black and white is a timeless color palette that can be used for any type of wedding. It’s especially elegant for a fall wedding when paired with gold or silver accents. There are countless ways to weave black and white into your decor, including linens, flatware, chargers, and chairs. Below, we present an example of how chairs and linens can be integrated to craft a timeless masterpiece of a wedding reception. Our Folding Tables are adorned with Black Polyester Linens, enhancing the elegant setting. Additionally, Black Chiavari Chairs with White Pads were introduced to complete this chic arrangement, further elevating the overall decor with a touch of sophistication.

black linen

black chiavari chair

Photographer: KV Photography

Navy and gold

Navy and gold is another classic color palette that’s perfect for a fall wedding. It’s sophisticated and stylish, and it will look beautiful in any setting. There are countless creative ways to infuse navy and gold into your wedding decor, including linens, chargers, furniture, and chairs. Below you’ll find examples of how you could incorporate navy and gold together beautifully with our rentals. We love the way our Gold Octo Glass Chargers pop adorned navy linen. As well as the glamour our Gold Chiavari Chairs add to the decor

gold chiavari chairgold octo glass charger

Photographer: Hundreds of Moments

Fall Weddings

As we wrap up our journey through the captivating world of fall weddings, we hope you’ve found inspiration in the rich colors, timeless trends, and enchanting themes explored here. These elements, from the vibrant hues of autumn leaves to the timeless elegance of black and white, offer a glimpse into the unique and personal touches that couples bring to their celebrations. All in all, no matter which color scheme you choose, you will surely have a beautiful fall wedding.

Featured Image Photographers: Josie Brooks Photography, Kartsie Photography, Gary and Stay Photography Co