October Monthly Winners: Stephanie and Thomas

Congratulations to our October winners, Stephanie and Thomas! We had a wonderful time getting to know this beautiful couple a little better by chatting with the bride-to-be, Stephanie. Their love story is one you’re going to have to read to believe!

Where did you meet your fiancé?
Tom and I met in a funny way. We met online through a streaming website that specializes in gaming called twitch.tv. Tom has a webshow called brainsgames that he had told me about in a different chatroom. I had followed their channel and on Halloween of 2014 I decided to check them out as their show takes place in a haunted castle. Tom’s looks and sense of humor hooked me from the start and the rest is history.

How did you know your fiancé was the one for you?
Stephanie: I knew pretty early on. We would talk for hours on Skype, and everything felt very natural and safe with him. I never felt judged or ashamed of myself and I could be myself freely and he accepted it all openly and with gusto. When we met, everything felt right and other than the butterflies one first feels, everything felt like it was supposed to happen. He’s the only person I have never felt judged by.

Tom: I realized she was the right one because she was the first person I could talk openly with for hours with no judgment about anything. The first person that I ever truly felt I had a true emotional connection with.

What are some things you two have in common?
We have a lot in common. At first, we got along because of our sense of humor. We could make vague references and knew them instantly, as well as our love of all things horror related. (Our wedding is classic Hollywood horror themed) Our general outlook on life is very similar. How we perceive the world and what we want from it. I (Stephanie) was always looking for someone who had the same spiritual ideals as me, and he fits those values surprisingly well! Our taste in music and our love of food!

How did he propose? 
This is a fun story and will take a bit of explaining. Tom has a show online called Brainsgames that takes place in a haunted castle. One of his recurring characters that he plays is called The Boogeyman. One evening while broadcasting, he as the Boogeyman introduced me as ‘Tom’s fiancée’. I didn’t notice until someone in the chatroom mentioned it. Later that night when the show was over, I asked him why he called me his fiancé and he had said something to the effect of, “well, I would have proposed while you were here but I don’t have a ring yet.” I told him the ring didn’t matter and all that mattered was that it would be him proposing. Well, with that he got on one knee, grabbed the nearest thing – which happened to be a white glove – and tied it around my ring finger while asking me to marry him. I obviously said yes.

What are you looking forward to most?
Tom: Being around family and friends and my lovely lady.
Stephanie: Finally relaxing and enjoying food and music with my friends, family, and new husband.

What inspired your wedding colors?
Well, technically our wedding colors are grey and light purple. Mostly because my favorite color is purple and grey is a nice neutral that isn’t as bold as black. Our actual theme for our wedding is classic Hollywood horror. We both love horror and decided to incorporate our love for the movies’ aesthetic in a classy way. There will be splashes of it around the venue, but it won’t be in your face Halloween style horror. Think tables named after classic movies, candelabras, a potions guest book, a bird cage for a card holder, etc.

Thanks for talking with us, Stephanie, and congratulations to you and Tom for being our October winners!

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