March 2014 Chiavari Chair Winners: Diana & Ian

Congratulations to our March 2014 Chiavari Chair Winners Diana and Ian!

Meet our latest chiavari chair winners, Diana and Ian! Read further to discover how Ian surprised Diana with his proposal and how naturally they fit together!1. Where did you meet your Ian? Ian and I met through a mutual friend about 4 years ago at a party at his house (his roommate was my old boss). 2. How did you know he was the one for you? I knew he was the one for me because we immediately became best friends. I truly believe he is my soul mate. We think the same things at the same times. Its weird! 3. What are the things you have in common? We both grew up playing sports (baseball for him and softball for me). We enjoy just hanging out with each other, whether its cooking together, doing outdoor things, or just sitting on the couch and watching tv. 4. How did Ian propose? Ian text messaged me at work on Friday, May 17, 2013 telling me that I needed to try to leave early, around 3pm. I thought something might have been up because he is not usually a planner. I got home and he told me to pack a bag for the weekend, but he wouldn’t tell me where we were going. He took me to a hotel on the water like 30 min from our house. The lady who checked us in assumed we were married already and Ian corrected her by saying that we just bought a house and wouldn’t be getting married for a while until we recovered financially. At that point, I thought the proposal definitely wasn’t happening. As soon as we got to the room and were putting things down, I turned around and he was down on one knee. It was amazing! I was so excited I grabbed the ring box and put the ring on my finger! 5. What part of the wedding day are you looking forward to most? We are looking forward to having a great time with all of our family and friends, but most of all I can’t wait to see him standing at the end of the aisle waiting for me. We also can’t wait for the honeymoon!! 6. What inspired your wedding colors? My colors were actually inspired by a picture of another bride’s bouquet I saw in a picture (various shades of purple and mint green succulents).

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