January 2014 Chiavari Chair Winners: Krupa & Dev


Congratulations to our January 2014 Chiavari Chair Winners Krupa and Dev!

Meet Krupa and Dev, our January 2014 chiavari chair winners! Keep reading to discover a love that started on opposite sides of the country and about their traditional Indian wedding!

Where did you meet your fiancée?

My fiancee and I met through family friends. After talking to each other over the phone and through email. He flew down from Michigan to come see me in Orlando. From there we hit it off. Then during New Years 2013 I flew to Chicago to see him and meet his friends for the first time.

How did you know he was the one for you?

During that trip he knew I was nervous to meet his friends and that I am generally a quite person, knowing that him and his friends made me feel welcomed. The way he would take care of me around his friends, during that trip and other visits we also realized we had things in common.

What are the things you have in common?

We both like simple things, we both love to eat and it makes it easier since we like the same things. We both are close to our families so for us family is really important. Thats how we both knew we wanted to spend our lives together.

How did your fiancée propose?

In August 2013 I was planing my trip for Michigan to visit him and to go for a wedding. He had told me that since we hadn’t seen each other in a few months he was going to take me out to dinner and for me to pack something nice. So the night of the reception we had left early to go to dinner. We had gone to a restaurant called Coach insignia in downtown Detroit. After dinner we ordered dessert and on my plate written out in chocolate was written WILL YOU MARRY ME. I was so shocked and really excited. When we had told our parents back in January we wanted to get married they had set our indian engagement for September 7th, because of that already booked I was not expecting him to propose since we were 2 weeks from the engagement ceremony I had given up.

What part of the wedding day are you looking forward to most?

When it comes to our wedding since its a 3 day event i’m most looking forward to the actual wedding day since I have spent a lot of time on the decor for that day.

What inspired your wedding colors?

For my wedding colors I chose colors like pink, red, and purple. I wanted a light simple look.

We congratulate the couple on their engagement and look forward to being a part of their wedding! 

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