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Celebrating Your Leap Day Wedding

How to Celebrate a Leap Day Anniversary (when it’s not a leap year)

Leap Day Wedding-A Chair Affair-Drake Photography

Maybe you are getting married today, or maybe you are celebrating an anniversary. With a wedding date of February 29, you will never forget it, but only get to celebrate it every four years. While this date is very special and unique, it can feel like a bummer when it only comes around every four years. So, how can you celebrate your anniversary every “non-leap year?” Here are a few suggestions on how to honor your leap day wedding anniversary, even when it’s not a leap year.

Choose when you want to celebrate

A leap year anniversary it unique. While other anniversaries fall on the same day every year, a leap year anniversary means you get to choose when to celebrate. Having a leap day anniversary gives you and your partner the flexibility to celebrate your special day whenever you would like. Whether it is February 28th, March 1st or the 29th of another month. Some couples chose this unique wedding date because that like only celebrating every four years.

Celebrate Small Moments

Just because your wedding date it’s on the calendar doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate. When February 28 comes around, plan an intimate and small celebration that evening. And as the clock strikes midnight, share a quick kiss before the calendar turns to March 1. It’s can be one of your non-leap year wedding anniversary traditions.

Anniversary Gifts by the Years

Wedding anniversary gifts are traditional and creative. From the first anniversary gift of paper to the fourth-anniversary gift of flowers. While going with a traditional or modern theme every year, you can celebrate your wedding anniversary in a unique and fun way. Just like your chosen wedding date,

Create a Time capsule

With each passing year, you and your partner will collect so many mementos and memories through your marriage. Every year, as you celebrate another year of marital bliss prepare a leap day time capsule to be opened every four years.


So, congratulations and happy anniversary to all our leap day wedding couples. We would love to hear how you celebrate on your non-leap year anniversaries!