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A Guide to Perfectly Setting Up Your Reception Room

Designing the perfect setup for your reception room is a crucial task. Ultimately,  it can hold the power to shape the ambiance of your entire celebration. Your choice of where to place yourselves and the tables you select for your big day is deeply influenced by the style and aesthetic you envision. So, let’s explore the perfect tables that align with your vision and elevate the overall room style on your wedding day.

Head table

First, let’s discuss the head table. The head table at a wedding traditionally positions the bride and groom at the front, flanked by their wedding party. The seating arrangement typically follows a pattern, with the bride, groom, maid of honor, and best man at specific positions. For a customizable touch, consider renting items like Folding Tables for versatility, The Richard for elegance, or Monaco Table for a rustic vibe, each contributing to the overall aesthetic of the head table. Also, consider renting our Specialty Chairs or Settees. This not only helps you stand out from your guests but also adds an elegant touch to your chosen table.

folding tables at the reception

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the richard head table

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monaco farm table as the head table

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Sweetheart table

On the other hand, an appealing choice for couples seeking an intimate setting is the sweetheart table. This involves a small table for two strategically placed at the front of the room, fostering a romantic ambiance. Opting for a sweetheart table not only adds a touch of charm but also alleviates the stress of seating arrangements. By choosing this setup, you not only create a momentous atmosphere but also carve out precious quality time for the two of you. Now, take a look below where we feature our elegant Whitewashed Sweetheart Table and the sophisticated Monaco Sweetheart Table. Then, explore our rental options among others featured on our website.

whitewashed sweetheart table

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monaco sweetheart table

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Choosing tables for your reception

Selecting wedding reception tables involves careful consideration of venue size, wedding style, guest count, and table layout. For smaller spaces, adaptable round tables work well. Alternatively, larger venues benefit from the formality of rectangular tables like our Monaco Table. The wedding style also plays a role, with rectangular tables lending themselves to formal settings and round tables creating an intimate atmosphere for casual celebrations. Additionally, adjusting for the number of guests is crucial. Rectangular tables such as our Mahogany Farm Table suit larger weddings, while smaller gatherings allow flexibility with Round Banquet Tables. Lastly, enhancing the reception space involves a thoughtful table layout. Depending on the size and style of your wedding, you can mix the table shapes. Don’t forget, you’ll have to remember to leave about 8 feet of spacing from the walls and other tables for guests to move comfortably.

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reception indoor mixing table shapes

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The Perfect Seating For You

Ultimately, the best way to decide the perfect setup is to consider your own personal preferences. You’re going to want to think about the overall vibe you want to create for your reception. There is no right or wrong answer, so choose the option that feels best to you.