Shoe Tuesday – How to Repurpose Your Old Shoes

Ever look into your closet and see a mountain of shoes but nothing to wear? The graveyard of worn-out and out-lived shoes breaks your heart as you remember all the good times you’ve shared that you won’t be able to share anymore. But luckily, there’s a solution to bring those puppies back to life! And not just a life of parties and dinner-dates, but weddings as well. Anne Hollabaugh, with her blog WobiSobi, outlines a life-changing DIY craft that is a perfect thrifty way to save money on your big day, while looking absolutely fabulous in the process.

Materials Needed for Shoe Transformation:

  1. A ratty old shoe
  2. GLITTER! Any color of your choice.
  3. Glue (Mod Podge)
  4. Paint Bruch
  5. Paper Plates

Simple Steps to Glamour:

  1. Choose the lucky shoe of the bunch that is worthy of a makeover
  2. Mix your Mod Podge with the glitter on a paper plate to make a paste
  3. Gently brush your glitter paste on your shoe’s heel, and REPEAT
  4. And…. WALA!

So instead of spending a lot of money on shoes you’ll probably only wear once anyways, why not have fun with it and try this easy project that is sure to make a statement. People won’t even be able to tell the difference, and we certainly won’t give away your secret – so feel confident walking down the aisle in your newly revived glitter heels!

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I'm a mother of not one but two brides and a survivor of breast cancer. I understand a wedding on a budget and a bride's desires for the wedding, especially when it's your daughter. I also have to admit after our weddings were over, I hated to see "Wedding Monday's and Sunday's" come to end. Those were our special days when we did our planning. When you visit our site you’ll know you are dealing with a first class company. When you reserve your Chiavari chairs with A Chair Affair, we deliver what we promise, when we promise. I’ve started this blog to share ideas and pictures with you for your wedding and comments from our past clients. As a bonus, I’ll get to hear all about your wedding plans when you either write back to the blog or give me a call to reserve your chairs. Either way I look forward to hearing from you.
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