Pinterest Trend – Vintage Outdoor Weddings

First there was Myspace, then there was Facebook, and now – there’s Pinterest. Although this popular website was launched in March of 2010, it’s popularity has increased exponentially in the past couple of months. As if we needed another time consuming social media addiction, right? But this blog inspired website is special in that is allows people from all over to “pin” photos of a multitude of things onto specified, categorized “boards” – ranging from products, recipes, fashion, home decor, and the widely popular – weddings.

And while future brides-to-be use this website to gather ideas, and veterans to share their own, the vast majority of wedding followers are single, hopeless romantic women drooling over the computer screen fantasizing about that special day. There’s even a humorous image that has become viral that states “It’s pathetic how nice my wedding is on Pinterest considering I don’t even have a boyfriend.”

Nonetheless, this websites apparent success merits applaud, as the wedding sector is flooded with innovative ideas that is perfect for those who’s head are full of ideas but lacks the knowledge on how to execute them.

One of the biggest trends we’ve seen, both on Pinterest and in the Press, are Vintage Outdoor Weddings.

Many brides today are opting for non-traditional themed weddings, including rustic decor, vintage esthetic, and back woods sceneries that gives one that good old southern feeling. But don’t be fooled by the seemingly effortless designs. Although you may be drinking out of mason jars and sitting on wooden chairs, this timeless appeal showcases a a up and coming form of elegance that is humbled and yet vastly artistic.

Following the same theme, these feminine countryside cakes with handmade fondant flowers will truly stand out in a forest of their own specimens.

(The Cake on the left was  found on imgfave, while the cake on the right was featured on The Wedding Chicks Blog)

This is just one of the many trends that is floating around on the Wedding Mecca of Pinterest. I urge and encourage you to explore for yourself, as this wildly informative website includes themes for all personalities and wedding types that is sure to fill any unsure bride-to-be with ideas, and every hopeless romantic with dreams.

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